Partners Then, Partners Now – Australia-Indonesia: David Twine, Austrade

“Partners Then, Partners Now” – Address to Indonesian Business Community – Jakarta: David Twine

ustralia-Indonesia:  "Partners Then, Partners Now" - David Twine

Australia-Indonesia: “Partners Then, Partners Now” – David Twine

David Twine – RedR

David Twine is a passionate advocate for the role of RedR (as a vital partner of United Nations agencies) providing pro-bono advisory services in strategy, operational effectiveness, training, branding and governance.

RedR Australia relieves suffering in disasters by selecting, training, and providing competent and committed personnel to humanitarian relief agencies worldwide. Underpinned by values of accountability, integrity, empathy and collaboration, RedR provides skilled professionals and training to help communities in times of crisis.  Much of their work involves supporting UN agencies during emergencies through the Standby Partnership Program, as the only Standby Partner in the Southern Hemisphere and Asia Pacific having deployed over 700 people to more than 70 countries.

RedR Australia has a thorough recruitment process for those wishing to join the Register, ensuring they select the most suitable people for the UN and other partner agencies.

I strongly recommend experienced professionals to contact RedR and explore how they can make a personal contribution which will be both valuable in terms of humanitarian assistance as well as personally enriching and rewarding.


Australia and ASEAN Towards 2015 – David Twine, Australia

This speech/paper was publicly presented at the ASEAN Business and Investment Summit, Hanoi Vietnam.  It touches on some key considerations in relation to Australia’s economic relations with ASEAN:-

  1. Australia’s economic performance through and since the GFC and how this economic standing reinforces the future ofAustralia’s engagement with ASEAN economies;
  2. Acknowledges the significant and dynamic transformation of ASEAN as a regional powerhouse, especially as it progresses towards a single economic union by 2015;
  3. Outlines the existing strength of Australia’s relationship with ASEAN, highlighting how and why ASEAN is so important to Australia and how the relationship is poised for greater growth in the future;
  4. Brief comments on ASEAN’s convergence towards a single economic market and how companies are responding to it, and;
  5. A commentary on four keys sectors which I see as pillars in Australia’s trade and investment relationship with ASEAN moving forward.

David Twine – ASEAN Business and Investment Summit – Keynote Speech – Hanoi, Vietnam

David Twine with Australian Business Executives and Diplomats after keynote speech to ASEAN Business and Investment Summit Hanoi, Vietnam

Australia and ASEAN Towards 2015, David Twine Austrade, Hanoi Vietnam 2010


ASEAN Transport Infrastructure – Development and Integration: David Twine (Austrade)

ASEAN Sustainable Transport Briefing, David Twine, Austrade Singapore 2011

ASEAN Sustainable Transport Briefing, David Twine, Austrade Singapore 2011

ASEAN Sustainable Transport Infrastructure, David Twine Austrade, Singapore 2011

Launch of Austrade’s Financial Services Benchmark Report 2010 – KL, Malaysia – David Twine (Austrade, Singapore)

TWINE-Speech-2010 FS Benchmark Report Launch-221010.doc

Tim Harcourt and David Twine Launch Benchmark Report on Australia’s Financial Services Sector with Ms Raja Teh Maimunah (Global Head, Islamic Markets, Bursa Malaysia Berhad) - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

CommunicAsia and Broadcast Asia – Singapore Networking Reception – David Twine, Austrade Singapore (formerly)

CommunicAsia and Broadcast Asia

David Twine – CommunicAsia 2011-Networking Event

Austcham Southern Star – August-September 2010 – CommunicAsia Feature


Distinguished Singaporean (Australian) Alumni Networking Function, Austrade Singapore – David Twine

Keynote Address to Distinguished Alumni Function – Study in Australia Week – Singapore 2011

Austcham Southern Star – August-September 2011 – Education Feature and Distinguished Alumni Reception

 David-Twine-Austrade-Alumni Function Singapore

ASEAN Now! – ASEAN-Australia-NZ Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA) – David Twine, Austrade (formerly)

This paper, prepared for the pan-Australian seminar series to promote the ASEAN-Australia-NZ Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA), considers why ASEAN and the AANZFTA really matter to Australian exporters and investors and what the agreement can offer to Australian and ASEAN businesses.

David Twine-Speech-ASEAN NOW-AANZFTA Seminar Series October 2009

ASEAN Now – AANZFTA Seminar Series Launch – Melbourne, Australia
L to R: Mike Moignard, Maurine Lam, Anthony Byrne, David Twine, Rod Morehouse, Mike Mugliston



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